Thursday, August 23, 2007

Malaysian Parliament, Pathetic!!

Recently I had the chance of viewing a couple of footage taken during meetings held in the parliament and I have to say, the conditions in those meetings were worst than a primary school classroom. MP's and even ministers could be seen shouting at each other at the top of their lungs. They were also using words which are inappropriate to be used in a parliament meeting such as 'stupid', 'bodoh' and even 'monyet'.
This is extremely disgraceful and it seriously damages the image of Malaysia in the eyes of the other nations. I mean, if ministers in other nations can have a peaceful meeting and settle their differences amicably, why can't our MP's and ministers do the same?. It is alright to have a discussion or debate but shouting and calling people names would not settle the matter would it?.
These people are elected to lead the nation and if this is their behavior, I seriously suggest that they step down and let other more capable and dignified candidates take over. I mean, they were arguing over small matters which could be settled much more swiftly and in a more dignified manner with some careful consideration and rationale thinking rather than the way they settled it. It's embarrassing to say the least the way they discuss.
I have attended many parliamentary style debate competitions during my primary and secondary school and never once have I witnessed such acts depicted by the MP's and ministers in the parliament in these competitions even though it consisted of children and teenagers.
Therefore my dear Tan Sri/Datuk Sri/Datin Sri/Datuk/Datin, I really hope that you would change your attitude and find a more dignified and mature way of settling your differences in the parliament rather than shouting to each other as it is extremely embarrassing to not only the government but the citizen of Malaysia as well. Thank you

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