Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Come on Proton!!

I find it very strange that the government is very reluctant to part with part of Proton. Why is that so?.
As far as I and the rest of the Malaysians are concerned, Proton is in dire straits and is in serious need of help.
Volkswagen has emerged as a possible partner for Proton. Personally, I think that the VW Group will be a
fantastic partner for Proton due to the financial muscle and expertise that they possess. The government should
seize this opportunity and just sign the agreement. Why all the hassle??. I mean, just look at all those companies
under the VW Group which includes Audi, Bugatti, Porsche and Skoda. All of them are very successful car
manufacturers and they all were struggling before VW took over. I would like to take Skoda as an example for
my elaboration. Skoda was established in the Chezh Republic many years ago. Although they produced many
cheap and cheerful cars, they never really took off and were in a crisis as a result. However, things changed drastically when VW took over. Just look at them now. They are producing brilliant cars of high standards and their build qualities are excellent. The Skoda company now is even raking in profit from their sales compared to previously where they were in the red for most of the time. The same thing could happen for Proton if the government decides to partner Proton with VW. There could be transfer of technologies, and things like that which could benefit Proton immensely. Proton cars with malfunctioning power windows could be a thing of past if this deal goes trough!!. Therefore, I really urge the government to do the right thing and accept VW to be the partner for Proton as it will only be a boon not for the company itself, but the government, the citizens and the nation as well.