Friday, August 24, 2007

RTD and the Traffic Police Department..PLEASE DO YOUR JOB!!

I am stumped by the recent sudden increase in the number of traffic accidents involving express buses trough out the nation. The whole nation is in fact stumped by this whole bunch of cases suddenly happening one after another. What is this?

After the accidents has happened, only then do the relevant authorities do some research and find out that the the buses involved in the accident had various summons issued and had been black listed. Come on!. Why not do a thorough check on all the buses on a daily basis to ensure that they are safe to travel and free from any summons what so ever. Do you have to wait till one crashes into a ravine and killing 20 passengers before you actually do your job?

This is absolutely absurd. It really shows the level of thinking and the way the RTD and the Traffic Police department are managed and how they carry out their job. Absolutely pathetic!!

They are going around the nation focusing on carrying out their 'anti-rasuah' campaign and neglecting their main priorities which is on the transportation network of Malaysia. I mean, if they are really carrying out their job, they should know that some of the buses had accumulated 50+ summons and they should be barred from the roads of Malaysia. I mean, it is them who issued the summons in the first place right? Do we have to witness these gruesome accidents before actions are taken against these unscrupulous bus drivers and their employers? Why not prevent it from happening in the first place? Isn't prevention better than cure?

Seriously, I think that the RTD and the Traffic Police department of Malaysia is in serious need of overhauling and it should be done as soon as possible to prevent further mishaps.

Coming to think of it, some of the buses involved in these accidents has over 100 summons issued to them. Some has also been black listed. If one were to think of it logically, don't you think that some sort of bribery is also involved in these cases? I mean, if they have 1 or 2 summons, then it could be a case of 'close one eye' or something. But 50 or 100 cases? Think of it my fellow readers. I let you be the judge of that.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Malaysian Parliament, Pathetic!!

Recently I had the chance of viewing a couple of footage taken during meetings held in the parliament and I have to say, the conditions in those meetings were worst than a primary school classroom. MP's and even ministers could be seen shouting at each other at the top of their lungs. They were also using words which are inappropriate to be used in a parliament meeting such as 'stupid', 'bodoh' and even 'monyet'.
This is extremely disgraceful and it seriously damages the image of Malaysia in the eyes of the other nations. I mean, if ministers in other nations can have a peaceful meeting and settle their differences amicably, why can't our MP's and ministers do the same?. It is alright to have a discussion or debate but shouting and calling people names would not settle the matter would it?.
These people are elected to lead the nation and if this is their behavior, I seriously suggest that they step down and let other more capable and dignified candidates take over. I mean, they were arguing over small matters which could be settled much more swiftly and in a more dignified manner with some careful consideration and rationale thinking rather than the way they settled it. It's embarrassing to say the least the way they discuss.
I have attended many parliamentary style debate competitions during my primary and secondary school and never once have I witnessed such acts depicted by the MP's and ministers in the parliament in these competitions even though it consisted of children and teenagers.
Therefore my dear Tan Sri/Datuk Sri/Datin Sri/Datuk/Datin, I really hope that you would change your attitude and find a more dignified and mature way of settling your differences in the parliament rather than shouting to each other as it is extremely embarrassing to not only the government but the citizen of Malaysia as well. Thank you

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Come on Proton!!

I find it very strange that the government is very reluctant to part with part of Proton. Why is that so?.
As far as I and the rest of the Malaysians are concerned, Proton is in dire straits and is in serious need of help.
Volkswagen has emerged as a possible partner for Proton. Personally, I think that the VW Group will be a
fantastic partner for Proton due to the financial muscle and expertise that they possess. The government should
seize this opportunity and just sign the agreement. Why all the hassle??. I mean, just look at all those companies
under the VW Group which includes Audi, Bugatti, Porsche and Skoda. All of them are very successful car
manufacturers and they all were struggling before VW took over. I would like to take Skoda as an example for
my elaboration. Skoda was established in the Chezh Republic many years ago. Although they produced many
cheap and cheerful cars, they never really took off and were in a crisis as a result. However, things changed drastically when VW took over. Just look at them now. They are producing brilliant cars of high standards and their build qualities are excellent. The Skoda company now is even raking in profit from their sales compared to previously where they were in the red for most of the time. The same thing could happen for Proton if the government decides to partner Proton with VW. There could be transfer of technologies, and things like that which could benefit Proton immensely. Proton cars with malfunctioning power windows could be a thing of past if this deal goes trough!!. Therefore, I really urge the government to do the right thing and accept VW to be the partner for Proton as it will only be a boon not for the company itself, but the government, the citizens and the nation as well.

Friday, June 8, 2007

What's with the double standard Proton??

While browsing trough my favorite local automotive industry news web page (, I stumbled upon an interesting article. The article was regarding a letter sent by a student currently studying in the Hull University, United Kingdom. In the letter that he sent, he wrote that Hull, the 7th largest city in the UK is crawling with Proton cars regardless of models. The police, taxi drivers and even the citizens of the city of Hull seem to like using models rolled out from our national car makers factory over there.

When asked if there are any problem with their cars, the answer the student received from the Proton users over there was "no". Instead, they were full of praises for the Proton car brand. This makes me wonder, why is Proton so obsessed of making higher quality cars for the export market and substandard ones for the local market?. I mean, the local market is the highest contributor towards its income and yet they churn out cars of such low qualities. Cars made for the export market are put trough many different and stringent tests to ensure reliability and durability where as cars for the local market are put trough a series of tests which I believe is insufficient to guarantee their reliability.

The same can be said of the security and safety features of the cars that they make. Cars made for the export market all comes standard with safety features such as airbags, ABS, traction control, etc. Cars made for the local market however seems to command a premium price if these essential life saving features are included. Why don't Proton fit all these items as standard on it's cars regardless whether it is to be exported or sold locally?Why?.

I believe, all the factors which I have mentioned above has contributed towards the recent downfall of Proton Holdings. Drastic measures should be taken by Proton to ensure it is can compete in the local and international market. But the main question raised in this piece of opinion of mine is why the double standard Proton?Why?.